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Pregnancy Testing | Sacramento Valley Pregnancy Clinic


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Support | Sacramento Valley Pregnancy Clinic

Do you think you’re pregnant?
You’ve found a safe place to find out.
Staff members at Sac Valley Pregnancy Clinic in Sacramento will listen with compassion and care as they guide you through your appointment. We will provide you with non-judgmental support and help you find the resources you need. We have a main clinic and a mobile clinic that goes to five different places during the week, so we're never far away.
All of our services are free and confidential and include:
  • Free pregnancy tests: Clinical-grade urine pregnancy testing
  • Confirmation of pregnancy through ultrasound exams
  • Patient advocacy and education for your pregnancy needs
  • Men's patient advocacy and education for fathers of the baby
  • Info on medical insurance, doctors, housing, food, clothing and financial needs
  • Assistance with prenatal vitamins and baby items
  • Free STD testing 
  • Abortion procedural information
  • Quick referrals to OB care
Services Not Provided:
  • Abortion Services
  • Emergency Birth Control
  • Ongoing prenatal care
Call us at (916) 451-2273 (CARE) or request an appointment online.

This information is intended for educational purposes only and should not be considered professional medical advice.